Operations- and IT-Consulting

What do we really need? Do we have to buy or lease all these things? Very often there is uncertainty about what programs and features are necessary. I will give you usefull hints and tips how to integrate IT technology into your daily business and how to prevent work, that is not really necessary any more ("we always did it that way...").

Remote Training

In an intensive Online Training I will show usefull hints or we just start from the very scratch for new employees. You save your own travel expenses or the ones from the trainer onsite.

Supervisor Outsourcing

If you just want to use your program without spending time on configuration and setup: Did you ever think about outsourcing this kind of work? Imagine how time consuming it can be to setup rate codes or packages once a year or to pull mailings or other statistics regularly? If you saved that time you could use it for your guests!

Add On

If you already have a PMS (Property Management System) that needs the final touch I will be the right partner for you. Especially in Fidelio Suite8 from Oracle Hospitality (former Micros Fidelio) I have advanced skills in Crystal Reports, Oracle SQL, HTML Reports, Editor Reports, XML/CSV/TXT exports.

The HotelNetwork

My actual project, YouAreConcierge.com, is an international, web-based platform, that connects hotels with local suppliers of tourist attractions. Hotels have the opportunity to directly buy these services online for their guests without storing bunches of tickets in their drawers. There is no need for feeding manual reports as this platform delivers these data easily. At most the PMS of the hotels are connected via interface in order to directly charge these products on their guests accounts.

About me

I have been working for many years in the national and international hotel industry -> both in hotel chains and in private hotels. Afterwards I did more than 300 installations / trainings worldwide for the global leader of PMS/POS systems. I visited many many hotels and had a look behind the scenes, now I would like to use this knowledge to improve the business of other hotels as well.

Support via TeamViewer


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